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TCM uses industry standard practices to achieve beyond standard results because we are committed to being the best at everything we do.

LEGAL PROCESSING (if necessary)
While we would prefer to collect an account through conventional channels, there is no reluctance on our part to recommend legal action if all other efforts have been exhausted. No legal action will begin without first obtaining the client’s written permission.

All money collected on behalf of clients are held in trust. TCM remits funds on a monthly basis. At the first of each month a statement will be prepared showing any and all collections from the preceding month and will always be available to you and your company.

Being a member of a nationwide association, we are able to forward your accounts anywhere a debtor might relocate. Any and all information you can provide will be helpful in beginning collection efforts.

TCM is a bonded and licensed agency and follows all state and federal guidelines.
Members of the American Collection Association and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.