We work harder to get results.

All creditors and consumers suffer from bad debt losses.The paying customer foots the bill. Despite your best efforts, some debtors simply ignore their past due accounts.

Many of these accounts can be recovered by trained
collection personnel.

At TCM, we believe that there are three key ingredients to effective collection:

  • Courtesy and respect
  • Time sensitivity
  • Open channel of communication
  • We strictly follow these principles with every contact we make.
  • Contact us today and start getting results on your collections.

At TCM, we invite comparison. Let us compete against your
present agency. We are confident that once you have
compared TCM's performance you will be pleased with the net
dollars back to your organization.

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The Right Balance for
Your Accounts

In business, it's difficult to
find a collection firm that has the right tools that can also offer truly personalized service to you. Often times, the smaller agencies can become overwhelmed, while the
biggest agencies tend to
treat you like just another
client account. TCM,
however, is a unique,
mid-sized collection agency. We have just the right
amount of experience, knowledge, and technical skill to handle virtually any size project with a level of hands-on service that is unsurpassed in our industry. In short, our size and technology allows for a highly customizable collection service that acheives impressive results.

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